The Company Successfully Launched “Jilin-1” Video 04/05/06 Satellites(Zuodanli 159 “Jilin-1” Satellites Constellation)

2017-11-21 | COMPANY NEWS    Browsing Times : 1512

Beijing time onNovember 21st,2017 at 12:50 p.m., the company successfully launched the independently developed “Jilin-1” video 04/05/06 satellites (Zuodanli 159 “Jilin-1” satellites constellation) with CZ-6 in TSLC.The satellite entered a predetermined orbit and the launch mission succeeded.

“Jilin-1” video 04/05/06 satellites (Zuodanli 159 “Jilin-1” satellites constellation) are commercial high-resolution optical remote sensing satellites developed by our company independently. The satellites adopt integrated design, andfully inherit the mature single units and technical state of the video 03 satellite. According to the feedback from the users and the market, the subsystems of loads, power and data transmission and so on are upgraded to improve the operational capability of the satellites. The imaging modes of “Jilin-1” video 04/05/06 satellites including conventional push broom, gaze video, shimmer imaging and inertial space imaging. For these three satellites, the bandwidth of dynamic video imaging is better than that of 19km * 4.5km, the static sweep width is 19km, the resolution e is better than that of 1m, the maximum side-slip angle is ±45°, the track height is 535km, life-span is not less than 3 years and the total mass of three is no more than 625kg.The whole development cycle is controlled within 11 months, and the low cost and short cycle batch production of the satellite are realized.

At present, the number of satellites of "Jilin-1" satellite constellation has increased to 8. Thus the time resolution of “Jilin-1” was improved from 3 days to 1 days, which will greatly improve the service ability of “Jilin-1” and promote the development of commercial space in china.